The ticket-in-ticket-out coin less slot machine technology that has become popular in casinos around the world serves two masters, the players as well as the casino owners. For the players, it is a great convenience not having to handle coins and carry around plastic buckets with them, or having to find a cashier to have their coins counted.

For the casino owners, it has eliminated some of their expenses. A more important factor is it has created an environment that enables people to bet more money during any given period of playing time. That is the real reason casinos were so anxious to convert.

The best way to protect yourself with this new method is to always redeem a voucher that is worth a substantial sum of money so that you will have the cash in your pocket rather than in ticket form. It is much easier to perceive the value of money in greenbacks rather than a piece of computer paper.

Another good way is if you are having a good session, try to make it a point to pocket your vouchers and play instead with the money you brought with your to the casino. This will make it a lot easier to keep your profits safe.

A good question that many people are wanting answered is ‘how does the use of a stop spin function on the newer slots affect the outcome of the spin?’ In reality the stop reels function does not have anything to do with the outcome of the reel configuration that is predetermined for you when you initiate a play. All this does is speed up the process of learning what the outcome will be.

When you stop the reels on a multi-line video slot, all you are doing is eliminating the entertainment value and anticipation of watching the reels stop one by one. In all, it simply takes away some of the fun of playing the game and turning it into instant gratification.

Casinos are happy when a player uses the stop reels function, which is why the manufactures install it in the first place. It allows the player to initiate a greater number of plays in a given period of time, which gives a greater percentage of the player’s bankroll to the built-in house advantage. The best advice is to never use the stop reels function on a video slot. You should always set your game to the slowest game speed on machines where that option is available. This is just a way to help us combat the inevitable of loosing out money quicker.



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