Smart Slot Play

Be smart – play the slots only when you are awake when you are not really all that tired so you always are making smart bets!

Smart bets are those that will include various lines in the slots machines. For example, you can win diagonally or you can win across, or perhaps there are winning lines going down and across at the same time but if you don’t include these lines on your bet you are not going to be able to collect on those winnings.

There are always maximum bets on all the casinos; all you have to do is read the rules of slots on the casino where you are going to gamble for the best information. Some casinos will allow you to bet a dollar a line, or a dollar an area, while others are going to allow you to be twenty dollars a line, the ultimate decision is your own, and the budget is your own. Bet what you feel comfortable with to start, and you will soon find that you will increase your winnings.

If you find that you have technical problems while gambling always call the casino for help, or you can email the casino for help. It is always a good practice to keep this information written down on a piece of paper in case your computer freezes up or if you suddenly get kicked offline. While it doesn’t happen very often, not having this information when you need it most can be very problematic.

Always bet at least on the three lines that are going across. If you don’t bet on the minimum of the three lines, and the entire board is covered with one color or one symbol you are going to lose out on a big jackpot of money.

If you are able bet the minimum on all the lines across and down the playing slots machine. If you only have a few dollars left in your account, playing those few lines can mean the difference between a big hit or a little payout.

Once you find a casino that you like, stick with it. The online slots are very similar from casino to casino, but if you are not winning at all the slots could be what is called tight. Only paying out every so often, with so many pulls, or with a certain bet. If you don’t like the slots, move on, find another casino, there are so many to choose from you are likely to find one that will payout more often and that you like with the graphics, noise and the looks!