Some residents in Sparks are not approving new casino proposals. The city of Sparks released the results of a survey that where residents were asked about casino-regulations. Many people say they want to keep gamblers out of their neighborhood and that it is not want they want around their families.

This is just one study in a handful to decide whether residents will accept neighborhood casinos.

This issue was first recognized when a casino land –use permit was requested for the Sparks Galleria project. They wanted it located across Pyramid Highway fro the new Lowes and Wal-Mart. The need to further investigate neighborhood casinos came when Harvey Whittemore proposed the much-debated casino in Wingfield Springs near the Lazy-5 Park.

Margaret Powell, AICP City Planner said that it is a good time to do this. She said that they were also looking at updating the master plan so it was just one component that would feed into that master plan.

This survey of the opinions of the residents is just one part of the investigation into neighborhood casinos. They are also studying the traffic impacts, fiscal impacts and the current public service calls on existing casinos.

Most of the people surveyed said they think casinos should be built downtown, and not in anyone’s neighborhood. Some residents thought they should try to improve the downtown area in both Reno and Sparks , and to find a better location for the sites.

Others argued that the casinos would cause a traffic increase and bring undesirable people into their neighborhood. They do not want a bad crowd in their community.

Powell says that planners will look closely at the results from this study, but it is only one factor. It is just one of several factors to go into the decision. They do not have the rest of the information. The Sparks ad-ho committee on non-restricted gaming two weeks from Thursday will closely review the results of this survey.




The game of Baccarat is a simple and fun game to play. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated game than Baccarat is the one. The only real decision you will have to make is how much of a wager to place and which hand you would like to place the bet on the bank’s or the player’s hand.

Baccarat is played with a total of eight decks of cards which will be shuffled by the dealer (croupier) and place it a plastic box. The players (you the customers) place a wager on either the Bank’s hand or the Player’s hand. After the bets are in place each hand is dealt two cards.

The objective is to get a total closest to 9, unlike Black Jack the hands are unable to bust. All face cards and tens are zero and Ace is 1 and the cards 2 – 9 are counted as face value. So let’s say the player’s hand has a 10 and an 8, the total of the player’s hand is 8 (so if the total is more than 10 drop the tenth space and that will give you that hand’s total).

A third card may be drawn but don’t worry about having to decide, they are automatic.

If the player or the bank have a total of 8 or 9 on the first two cards that are dealt (called a natural) than the hand is over and no other cards are dealt.

If a players total is less than or equal to 5 the player’s hand draws the third card. Player’s hand stays if its total is 6 or more.

If the player’s hand does not draw a card than the bank’s hand stays on 6 or more but will take the third card if the hand is 5 or less.

If the player’s hand draw’s a third card than the bank will take a third card if its total is 2 or less (regardless), if the total is 3 (unless the player’s third card was an 8), if the total is 4 (unless the third card was 0,1,8 or 9), if the total is 5 (and the player’s third card was 4,5,6 or 7), if the total is 6 (and the player’s third card was 6 or 7). At 7 the bank stands.

It sounds a little confusing when it comes to the third card but you will catch on relatively quickly. The third card is automatic and you will not have to decide. Remember that you (the player) are not the player’s hand; you are able to bet on the bank or the players hand.